Interferon beta 1b (IFN-β1b)

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  individual studies
OutcomeTE95% CIn casesn exposedkPub. bias All congenital malformations (majors, minors, majors and minors, or unspecified) Weber-Schoendorfer (control unexposed, sick), 2009 Colvin (IFN beta-1b only), 2010 21.71[0.37; 7.96]5,00121not evaluable Major congenital malformations Weber-Schoendorfer (control unexposed, sick), 2009 Colvin (IFN beta-1b only), 2010 21.88[0.33; 10.69]4,99821not evaluable Preterm (< 37 weeks) Weber-Schoendorfer (control unexposed, sick), 2009 Fragoso (control unexposed, sick), 2013 Nguyen (control unexposed, sick), 2019 31.32[0.31; 5.56]20668not evaluable Preeclampsia 0----- Gestational diabete Fragoso (control exposed to Glatiramer), 2013 11.32[0.05; 34.93]110not evaluable Jaundice Fragoso (control unexposed, sick), 2013 11.21[0.14; 10.79]910not evaluable Neonatal medical care Fragoso (control unexposed, sick), 2013 110.44[0.60; 181.46]210not evaluable Children infections Fragoso (control unexposed, sick), 2013 12.00[0.21; 19.05]610not evaluable Intrauterine deaths (as a whole) Weber-Schoendorfer (control unexposed, sick), 2009 Nguyen (control unexposed, sick), 2019 21.70[0.43; 6.67]6470not evaluable Elective termination of pregnancy Nguyen (control unexposed, sick), 2019 12.27[0.76; 6.76]3152not evaluable0.0100.01.0