About Us

metaPreg gives a direct access to all the studies about the impact of drugs during pregnancy on fetal development and risk of malformations, birth defects or bad pregnancy outcomes. Results are synthesized by meta-analysis and continuously maintained up-to-date (dynamic meta-analysis).

Medication and pregnancy searches, curates, summarizes by meta-analysis and disseminates clinical evidence about the risk of medication uses during the pregnancy.

This project is supported by ANSM (agence Nationnale de Sécurité du Médicament), Hospices Civils de Lyon and University Lyon-1. It is managed at Pharmacology and Toxicology department of Lyon's university and teaching hospital.

The Team

Judith Cottin, PharmD, Director & Co-Principal Investigator

Aurore Gouraud, PharmD, Associate Director

Cyndie Picot, PhD, Scientific Curation Lead

Audrey Peron, PharmD, Scientific biocurator

Michel Cucherat, MD, PhD, Consultant

Jêrome Massardier, Senior advisor

Mikaïl Nourredine, Scientific Advisor

Lucie Jurek, Scientific Advisor

Brigitte Toulière, Librarian

Behrouz Kassai, MD, PhD, Senior Advisor

Previous Teams Members

Marina Atzenhoffer, PharmD, Scientific biocurator

Marine Auffret, PharmD, PhD, Scientific biocurator

Blandine Bertin, Grad Research Students

Elora Castanet, Students

Veronique Pizzoglio-Billaudaz, PharmD, Scientific biocurator

Anna Zerdoug, Grad Research Students

Magali Hervé, Data Manager and Data Scientist

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Service de Pharmacologie et de Toxicologie

Hospices Civils de Lyon

162 Av Lacassagne - 69003 Lyon
Batiment B 4ème étages
Secrétariat : 04 72 35 72 31