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Congenital malformations
Adverse outcome OR 95%CII2k No. casesNo. exposedpublication biasROB
Major congenital malformationsharm, weak evidence2.86 [1.44, 5.65]0%3 studies36388not evaluable criticalpptx
All congenital malformations (majors, minors, majors and minors, or unspecified)signal2.64 [1.03, 6.76]-1 study86118not evaluable criticalpptx
Limb defectsno data1.90 [0.26, 13.97]-1 study3472not evaluable NApptx
Nervous system anomaliessignal4.23 [1.47, 12.16]-1 study34145not evaluable NApptx
Urinary malformationsno data1.60 [0.38, 6.74]-1 study34176not evaluable NApptx
Ear, face and neck anomaliesnot enough data0.74 [0.18, 3.06]-1 study34365not evaluable NApptx
Limb reduction defectsharm, weak evidence15.12 [5.53, 41.34]0%2 studies6147not evaluable NApptx
Moebius syndromeharm, weak evidence32.19 [10.54, 98.31]0%2 studies12574not evaluable NApptx
Oro-facial cleftssignal5.74 [1.34, 24.59]-1 study3452not evaluable NApptx
Abdominal wall defectssignal6.36 [2.38, 16.96]-1 study3423not evaluable NApptx
Club foot / Talipes equinovarusno data1.02 [0.24, 4.31]-1 study34270not evaluable NApptx
Congenital heart defectsno data3.67 [0.49, 27.50]-1 study3439not evaluable NApptx
Vascular disruption anomaliesignal22.00 [6.59, 73.42]-1 study9344not evaluable NApptx

Growth parameters and prematurity
Adverse outcome OR 95%CII2k No. casesNo. exposedpublication biasROB
Preterm (< 37 weeks)signal3.51 [1.38, 8.91]-1 study20145not evaluable criticalpptx

Intrauterine deaths
Adverse outcome OR 95%CII2k No. casesNo. exposedpublication biasROB
Early intrauterine death (< 22 weeks)harm, weak evidence2.16 [1.40, 3.34]36%2 studies36296not evaluable criticalpptx
Intrauterine deaths (as a whole)signal2.27 [1.30, 3.97]-1 study4694not evaluable criticalpptx
Elective termination of pregnancysignal5.33 [2.93, 9.71]-1 study74236not evaluable criticalpptx
Late intrauterine deaths (> 22 weeks)no data7.66 [0.39, 149.14]-1 study3236not evaluable criticalpptx
Therapeutic terminations of pregnancyno data2.18 [0.40, 12.02]-1 study6236not evaluable criticalpptx

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